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Alexander Megos

Rock Climbing Ambassador


Erlangen, Germany


Erlangen, Germany

Alexander started climbing when he was 5 years old. He competed in his first competition as part of the Bavarian Sportclimbing Cup in 2006. Three years later he won his first of two European Youth Cup championships. Alexander believes climbing is the best sport possible, but he’s not planning on making it his profession. He also enjoys photography and traveling around the world.

Career Highlights
  • Winner European Youth Cup, 2009 and 2010
  • Ascent of The Fly (5.14d), Rumney, New Hampshire
  • World's first (9a) onsight of Estado Critico, Siurana, Catalonia, Spain
  • Ascent of La Rambla (9a+), Siurana, Catalonia, Spain
  • First ascent of Classified (9a+), Holzgauer Wall, Frankenjura, Germany
  • First ascent of Dicker Bert (9a), Frankenjura, Germany
  • Ascents of Corona (9a+), Pantera (9a) and The Elder Statesman (9a), Frankenjura, Germany
  • Ascent of Wheel of Life (9a), Hollow Mountain Cave, Grampians, Australia
  • First ascent of Wheelchair (9a+), Hollow Mountain Cave, Grampians, Australia
  • Second place in the Youth World Championship, Edinburgh, 2010
  • Ascent of Commando Madrid (8b) Les Perxes, Mallorca, Spain on his first try
  • Ascent of Drive By Shooting (8c) Bärenschlucht, Frankenjura, Germany
  • Ascent of Pain Makes Me Feel Stronger Every Day (8c+), Glocke, Frankenjura, Germany
  • Ascent of La Pietra Murata (8b+) onsight, Massone, Arco, Italy
  • Ascent of Shangri-La (8c+), Schlaraffenland, Frankenjura, Germany
  • Ascent of San Ku Kaï (9a), Entraygues, France
  • Ascent of Masters of the Universe, Püttlachtal, Frankenjura, Germany
  • Ascent of Hattori Hanzo, Frankenjura, Germany
  • Ascent of Roofwarrior (8b+/8c), Püttlachtal, Frankenjura, Germany on his first try