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  • C$ 119.00
    A modern performance-driven fishing vest designed for fresh and salt water.
  • C$ 139.00
    A versatile sling pack that provides functional performance for anglers looking for a vest alternative.
  • C$ 59.00
    If you need this kit, you’ve been fishing a lot—lucky you. It contains everything one needs to replace the bars and screws on a pair of Foot Tractor Wading Boots for like-new traction.
  • C$ 269.00
    This 10’ 6” tenkara rod is the perfect all-around length for fishing with nymphs, soft hackles, streamers and big dry flies like hoppers.
  • C$ 79.00
    A versatile and lightweight vertical pocket mesh vest appropriate for fresh and saltwater fishing; detaches at top and bottom so that it can be worn on pack fronts.
  • C$ 139.00
    A highly versatile hip pack for the minimalist angler.
  • C$ 99.00
    The best of a traditional fishing vest combined with a minimalist sling pack.
  • C$ 239.00
    The ultimate pack vest for travel or angling that requires extended hiking.
  • C$ 239.00
    A completely welded 100% waterproof sling pack designed for versatility and world-class performance.
  • C$ 239.00
    An 8’ 6” tenkara rod well suited as an all-around rod for smaller anglers, small-stream fishing or anywhere casting space is limited.
  • C$ 359.00
    This Simple Fly Fishing kit includes an 10’ 6” tenkara rod; the book Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod & Reel; a box of one dozen soft hackle flies; our unique level floating tenkara line; a 7.5’ 3x tapered leader; and a quick set up guide.
  • C$ 29.95
    A set of unique level-floating .027" tenkara lines built specifically for our 10'6" and 11'6" tenkara rods; 6', 14' and 20' lines and one leader included.