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Arnaud Petit's Ambassador Profile

Arnaud Petit
Rock Climbing Ambassador


Albertville, France


Sigoyer, France

Arnaud was only 12 when he established his first new route on the boulders near his home. Since then he’s made first ascents on big walls around the world, from Jordan to Taghia. Though he competed briefly and has repeated many of the world’s most difficult routes, every time Arnaud looks at an unclimbed wall he still feels a connection with his childish spirit.

Career Highlights

  • Winner of the IFSC Climbing European Championships, 1996
  • Winner of the IFSC Climbing World Cup, Lead category, 1996
  • Gold medal winner of the X-Games sport climbing competition in 1996; silver medal winner in 1995
  • First ascent of Biographie première partie (8c+), Ceüse, France
  • First ascent of Voie Petit (450m 8b) in 1997; free ascent in 2010, East Face of Grand Capucin, Mount Blanc Massif, France
  • First ascent of Octogenese (300m, 8a+) and Delicatessen (150m 8b), in Bavella, Corsica, France
  • Ascent of Eternal Flame (7a+ A1), Nameless Tower, Trango Towers, Pakistan
  • Second ascent of Rainbow Jambaîa (900m, 8a), Angel Falls, Venezuela
  • First ascent of Babel (800m, 7c+), Taghia Gorge, Morocco
  • First ascent of Tough Enough (400m, 8b+), Tsaranoro Valley, Madagascar
  • Ascent of Ali Baba (250m, 8a+), Paroi Dérobée, Aiglun, France
  • First ascent of Lost in Translation (150m, 8a), Getu China
  • Co-Author of the climbing book Parois de Légende
  • Appeared in the films Lotus Flower Petzl, Amazonian Vertigo, Autour de Babel, Tough Enough, Grand Libre au Grand Cap, Black Bean and J’ai demandé la lune au rocher
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