Nick Russell's Ambassador Profile

Nick Russell
Snowboarding Ambassador


Ridgefield, Connecticut/Stratton, Vermont


Truckee, California
Entranced by an uphill stride and downhill glide, Nick Russell has dedicated his life to moving through the mountains. Cutting his teeth as a young grom in the East Coast contest circuit, Nick’s riding has steadily progressed to include a deep exploration of the impressive Sierra Nevada backcountry, which he now calls home. Utilizing the simplicity of human-powered travel to reach seldom visited lines, Nick’s true appreciation lies within the process.

Career Highlights

  • Featured in the film Range of Mystery
  • First descent of Chaupi Orco, Bolivia, 19,829'
  • First descent of Puma Spines, Bolivia, 18,500'
  • First snowboard descent of Mount Muir NE Couloir, Sierra Nevada
  • Completed Jive 395, a 300-mile bicycle/shred journey from Reno to Mount Whitney
  • Member of the Protect Our Winters Riders Alliance
  • Featured in Danny Davis' film segment All in a Dream
  • Contributing writer to various snowboard publications
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