The time has come for business people to understand our companies as a part of, not apart from, the natural world; as reliant on, and owing something back to, the human communities our businesses so crucially affect. In a time of economic sea change and ecological crisis, we need to work together around the table to reduce the astonishing environmental cost of everything we make, and to create a more sustainable economy, throughout the supply chain, wherever we do business. No company is an island; the more we work together, the quicker we can put a stop to long-term environmental damage, so that those who come after us inherit a world we would want to live in.

Much of what needs to be done to improve business practices relies on the co-operation of enterprises that compete with one another. Patagonia relies on the brains and resources of several key partners who work to improve labor conditions worldwide, restrict the use of dangerous chemicals, increase transparency of social and environmental practices throughout the supply chain, and help redefine business health to include the safeguarding of natural systems and thriving human communities.