Danielle Egge

Dylan Lucas Gordon
Danielle Egge

North American Retail Marketer

Started at Patagonia: 2010
Location: Ventura, CA

“Patagonia’s culture and my own ‘culture’ feel inseparable. I often struggle with drawing a line between my personal life and the company’s identity/well-being. To me Patagonia feels like a living and breathing entity, and I care so deeply about its success that sometimes I don’t even realize it has a culture outside of my own!”

Passionate about: God, surfing, learning, and although this sounds cheesy, Patagonia and the outdoor/surf industry.

Outside interests: Surfing, cooking, climbing, reading, writing, working on personal creative projects.

Path to Patagonia: I had been really interested in Patagonia since high school, so after I graduated college and had traveled for a year, I decided to learn more about the company. I ended up working at Fletcher Chouinard Designs [surf shop], which was a unique retail experience, even relative to Patagonia retail. While at FCD I took advantage of every opportunity I could—which meant working closely with Patagonia Surf, traveling with regional visual merchandisers, opening other stores—anything I could get my hands on. I eventually went to graduate school, and when I graduated I applied for the surf marketing coordinator position. In that interview process, I was hired as the retail marketing coordinator.

Favorite Patagonia product: THE BAGGIES™. And Pataloha®, duh.

Why Patagonia? I work for Patagonia because in the most real way you can trust that the product and the stories we tell are honest, upright and conscientious. I also work for Patagonia because I have absolutely no problem using “we” when I talk about the company; I can use that pronoun with pride and assuredness. This confidence is invaluable and rare. Like YC [Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard], I’ve never been willing to be an activist. But I believe in the power of business to do good, and I love knowing our profits go to those on the frontlines of the environmental movement. Lastly, I believe in a work/life balance. At the end of the day, it’s just fleece, and I plan to surf. Even if the fleece is helping to save this planet, it’s pretty much all for naught if we don’t enjoy it. Usually Patagonia allows me to achieve this balance.

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