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Our Voice
Patagonia’s mission is to save our home planet, and activism is central to our company’s philosophy. We use our platform and our community to advocate for environmental policies that protect us and our communities, hold our leaders accountable and support action on the climate crisis. We’re active members of the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), where we join with other businesses to demand strong climate polices.

We sent an international delegation of employees to COP 21, where we vocally supported the Paris Climate Agreement and, after the current administration’s decision to exit the agreement, signed on immediately to the We Are Still In campaign. We’ve lobbied our state and federal governments on issues ranging from keeping offshore drilling off our California coast, to protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil and gas exploration, to opposing fossil fuel pipeline projects like Keystone XL, Line 3 and the Dakota Access Pipeline. We’ve marched in every major climate march on U.S. soil and across the globe to fight for more robust climate policies.

Globally, our employees are engaged in local climate fights: opposing the current push by the Japanese government to bring over 30 new coal-fired power plants on line, stopping deep-water oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight, and resisting the continued development of hydropower on pristine European rivers under the false pretense of renewable electricity.

In the U.S., we are currently suing the U.S. government to protect our public lands and keep fossil fuel-based activities out of these national treasures. We also vocally support policies, regulations, administrative appointees and candidates running for office that are committed to the planet and climate action.
Patagonia Action Works
In 2018, we introduced Patagonia Action Works—an online platform that boosts the efforts of the organizations we fund and connects our community to the nonprofits that we support. The initiative is designed to connect citizens who want to take actions with groups who can harness their talents to make a real difference. It’s our answer for the many who’ve asked us over the years, “What can I do?”

Since we launched, Patagonia Action Works has supported more than 170,000 activities and helped arrange for 9,000 skilled volunteer hours on behalf of our grantees, resulting in more petitions signed, more donations received, more packed events and more action.

Employee Engagement
Our employees play a critical role in pushing our company to be responsible leaders in the climate movement, and we make a concerted effort to equip them with the tools they need to lighten their footprint on the job and in their personal lives. Throughout the year, we host clinics with nonprofits working on climate issues, provide opportunities for employees to get involved in their local communities and encourage low-impact living through our Bike to Work and Zero-Waste Weeks.
Sharing Best Practices
We need everyone in the fight, so we share proprietary information and best practices with other businesses, including direct competitors. Our business is a tiny fraction of the global apparel industry, and we know we can’t solve the climate crisis alone. We also know we don’t have all the answers. Through various organizations, such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Textile Exchange and Organic Cotton Accelerator, we lead where we can, learn where we can’t, collaborate, and partner with those who share our determination to save our home planet.
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