Gavin McClurg

Gavin McClurg is a Patagonia ambassador and the owner of Offshore Odysseys. In 2015, he took eighth place at the Red Bull X-Alps (the first American in the race’s history to reach the goal) and won National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year award for his paragliding traverse of the Canadian Rockies with Will Gadd. When he’s not sailing or flying Gavin calls Ketchum, Idaho home.

Under the Midnight Sun: A Paragliding Traverse of the Alaska Range

To understand this story you have to understand that I’m not crazy. Sure I’ve had some close calls, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got a death wish. There was that time in Mexico when I got stuffed in a waterfall kayaking a first descent and spent over five minutes underwater. And there was the time…

Gavin McClurg
17 min Read
Dispatch from the Cabrinha Quest

By Gavin McClurg, photos by Jody MacDonald Sailing around the world isn’t new. Historians recently learned that Chinese merchant ships in the latter 15th century, which were grander, faster, and better equipped than Spanish and Portuguese fleets (Magellan, Columbus, Gama, etc.), used trading routes that vary today only because of the Suez and Panama Canals.…

Gavin McClurg
10 min Read
The Higher You Get, The Higher You Get: A Paragliding Journey in the Pioneer Mountains

I’ve been really fortunate in the last couple decades to explore many of the farthest corners of the globe – thirteen straight years of sailing, chasing wind and waves on a series of kitesurfing expeditions, which included nearly two full circumnavigations, and the last couple years, paragliding all over the Alps, South America, Central America,…

Gavin McClurg
6 min Read
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