Outdoor Industry

    Patagonia Dealers - please use the 'Dealer Employee' selection from this list.
  • 1. Eligibility Requirements:

    - Full-time employment.

    - Be a member of industry associations or exhibit at tradeshows such as: Outdoor Retailer, OIA, SIA, Interbike or Surf Expo.*

    - Majority of product offering must be aligned with outdoor recreation.

    - Offer Patagonia employees a reciprocal Pro deal.
    * Retail store employees are not eligible.

    Patagonia Dealer Employees: please talk to your manager for EP details.
    *The expansion of the outdoor industry necessitates direction, the above requirements do not guarantee acceptance.

  • 2. Documents to upload for application:

    - A recent paystub indicating full-time/year-round employment (please black out all sensitive personal information)

    - Brochure or weblink detailing your operation, programs and services.

    - Independent Sales Reps: provide documentation for the brands that you represent.

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