• Ultralight River Crampons,

Patagonia Ultralight River Crampons

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Ultralight River Crampons,
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The most technically advanced wading technology on the market today, with our aluminum traction bars attached to an adaptable 100% recycled plastic frame; U.S. patent pending.

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After too many slips, slides and near-falls while fly fishing the Skeena’s famously slick, cobbled runs, we came home determined to find a better traction solution. Drawing on his mountaineering experience, Yvon Chouinard disappeared into the Tin Shed and went to work. The result? Our River Crampons, the highest-traction wading device ever built. The secret is the widely spaced aluminum-bar treads, which are hard enough to cut through algae and slime, yet soft enough to grip the rock itself. We’ve made the River Crampons lighter and more flexible by mounting the bars to a fully adjustable, recycled plastic frame, which is held in place with an easy-on, easy-off harness system. The Ultralight River Crampons fit over any wading boot and come in two sizes: S/M for sizes 6 through 10 boots, and L/XL for 10 through 14. Simple, easily cleaned design and fast-drying materials help stop transport of invasive species. U.S. patent pending.
  • Recycled plastic frame is flexible and lightweight for active wading
  • Hard-biting aluminum bars perform outstandingly well in almost all challenging wading conditions
  • Adjustable length adapts to any wading boot without tools
  • Durable materials won’t corrode in either fresh or salt water
  • Adjustable harness system allows the crampons to be removed easily for extended hiking
  • Crampons won’t damage boat interiors as long as you’re careful; much better than cleats
  • U.S. patent pending
  • 802 g (1 lb 12.3 oz)
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100% recycled plastic frame with riveted aluminum bars and a corrosion-resistant, fiberglass impregnated neoprene harness system

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