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Patagonia Men's DAS® Parka

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Patagonia Men's DAS® Parka

April 28, 2021

Super Warm

Right out of the packaging I was wearing it in 15degree temperatures and I couldn't have asked for a better jacket.

April 26, 2021

Updated version

I had the previous version of the DAS. I just purchased the new one. New version feels lighter. Yeah! Feels as warm. I think the zipper was better. Front zip is narrower and snags a bit on the inside pocket (got to be careful). Biggest downside is the handwarmer pockets; vertical zippers make the pockets less roomy (hand does not fit entirely) AND ... Read Morethey are harder to close (jacket lifts quite a bit). Zippers should have been a little bit diagonal. Anyhow, it's a great jacket that keeps me warm at all times, in all weather, even when wet.

April 20, 2021

Reach for this coat when you're going to be cold

This is the coat you need for extended periods in some of the coldest temps around. I've used this wolf watching in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley. I've used this waiting for bighorns on the Idaho side of Hells Canyon. If you are facing some serious cold times this is the coat you should reach for. You can layer underneath with a vest or... Read More lighter fleece for additional warmth; a benchmark for serious outdoor wear.

April 8, 2021

Very good synthetic option

I bought the DAS Parka because I already have an old North Face down jacket that is basically the equivalent of a Down Sweater, so I wanted to get something different that would stand up to moisture. So, while this Primaloft Gold is obviously not as packable as down, it is incredibly versatile in its ability to perform in rain and snow (this is par... Read Moret of why it has that trash bag texture, which I got used to quickly). I never have to worry about sweating or the insulation getting bunched up, either. It's pretty low-maintenance. Also, it is incredibly warm, warmer than my down jacket, which I do not think happens very often. However, its hood is intended to fit over a climbing helmet, so when hiking and doing other activities, having the hood up was an inconvenience even when I adjusted the drawcord. Also, the jacket ripped in two spots... but this was while I was trudging through spruce blowdowns on the Long Trail in the middle of Winter. I learned quickly that hardly any gear is built for that. And Patagonia offered to replace it or give me store credit. I ended up settling on another DAS, so that speaks to how good it is in spite of me mostly using it for activities that it wasn't intended for.

March 26, 2021

Super warm, super comfortable, super duper jacket

This jacket is fantastic. I've been on the hunt for something that would fight off the chill while belaying, and something I could wear to the beach in the winter - this jacket is perfect. I am 5'8" 140lbs, slim build, and the XS is ideal. Originally I purchased the small, thinking I would want to layer under the jacket - I then real... Read Moreized this jacket is insanely warm... How warm? I was at the beach with the wind blowing 35 and the temp hovering around 20F with nothing but a t-shirt under the jacket - I was happy as a clam.

March 19, 2021


Love this piece! Super toasty while staying so light I almost forget it's on. The cross core aerogel tech is pretty sweet. 6/195 and L is perfect and sits a little baggy. Highly recommend esp if on sale.

March 7, 2021

Love this parka!

I'm a female but sometimes order Ms Patagonia jackets because I want the extra room and the straight fit. I can actually wear a Ws Nano under this comfortably for sub zero temps. However the day I got the DAS I wore it in 20 degree weather with wind and only a light flannel underneath and was sooooo warm! Love the big drop in pockets inside an... Read Mored the zip chest pocket (but my Samsung phone doesn't fit in there...what??!!) It's incredibly soft and light. Finally I found a parka that measures up to the last Ms parka I bought in 2000 (the Guide parka), but Ill retire it for the DAS. Worth every cent!!

March 4, 2021


It is so freaking warm! I took this jacket out in 5F weather and felt pretty toasty. I'm sure this jacket can go well bellow 0F considered it is almost at the apex of Patagonia. It is a bit pricy and I have to wait for it to go on sale ($150 off), and I am so glad I bought it. The jacket is very light. It is also well designed so it does not f... Read Moreeel bulky at all. I actually wore this all day in the office on extreme cold days.

March 3, 2021


Not much chance to use it yet, but seems not as warm as my ancient and abused down parka, which is disappointing. Otherwise, parka is well-made, light, compressible, wet-resistant, and should layer well, if needed. Needed to exchange Small size for XS, as parka runs large.

February 28, 2021

Colorful warmth

Light and warm very efficient wear. Can pick me out of a crowd

February 26, 2021

Light and super warm

The jacket is light, very warm, and long enough for my 6 foot 3 husband. The fact that it is light and very very warm makes the wearer feel unencumbered.

February 26, 2021

Brilliant Layer for Active Pursuits in Cold Weather

This is a terrific jacket for cold weather pursuits when you are naturally generating a lot of body heat. If you have just come off of an approach or a climb, this would be a great belay parka, but if you are belaying for extended periods the cold will seep in as it wouldn't with down. Overall, it's a terrific jacket with a great drop hem... Read More and two way zipper to accommodate harnesses. My only real sadness/frustration is that the pockets (all three of them) are too small. The hand-warmer pockets are just barely big enough to fully cover my hands, but with gloves on they are too shallow and set too close to the center zipper. The chest pocket is too small to accommodate an iPhone 11 in any orientation which is disappointing as keeping it warm in the hold would be helpful. Overall, though, it's a great jacket and I would recommend it!

February 26, 2021

Sizing slowly returning to normal

I have a very old DAS parka from the 1990's I think. It's an XL, and the zipper is slowly failing, which is why I bought a new jacket. The issue for Patagoia from my perspective is the sizing. This old DAS parka fits me even with a Retro Fleece cardigan beneath it (I'm 6'1" and 220 lbs). So, I can be hiking, or climbing, or... Read More doing some other activity that required some insulation, and pull on my DAS parka for the evening and be quite comfortable. For reasons that I don't understand, Patagonia went through a period where their XL garments were dramatically too small for me. I purchased rain gear that I had to return, as well as a barely used DAS parka (several years old) from another person that were both too small unless I wore only a light shirt beneath them. Was Patagonia making garments to be worn on college campuses rather than the original purposes for which they were designed? I am pleased to say the latest DAS parka is closer to the sizing of the original DAS parka. I can wear a medium-weight fleece beneath my new DAS parka and not feel constricted. Finally! There are a lot of other good things about this parka: the two-way zipper, the pulls at the waist and the warmth. I think that the new insulation is both lighter and warmer than my original DAS parka, and even warmer than the more recent used DAS parka that I purchased. The new parka is also longer than the used parka, being close to the length of my old parka. I am quite happy with my new parka. I hope that it and I last 20 years or more!

February 25, 2021

All purpose warmth bringer

I should have gotten this years ago. Great for PNW winters (freezing rain,etc) and shoulder seasons. By far my warmest jacket. Compact enough to crag with. Belay in comfort!

February 25, 2021

Warm, great fit and excellent quality

Warmest belay jacket I own for the weight snd compressibility, both important factors when on route. Superior guality of materials and craftsmanship.

February 25, 2021

DAS Great

Incredibly warm and light weight. Perfect under a Gore Tex outer shell.

February 24, 2021

Very warm

Great winter coat

February 22, 2021

Surprisingly warm

Bought this for scientific field work on the US/Canada border and so far it's surprisingly warm for the thickness - I don't know how Patagonia does it. Layered properly, I expect to stay warm down to 0f. I'm 170lb and expect to fit both a 200wt fleece and nano-puff hooded jacket under this, with a ski-shell over if need be.

February 14, 2021

much better than the older one

The original was excellent, but the salt air go South aeorgia Island corroded the zippers, 4 years ago. The replacement is much better with the newer zippers. More review when Greenland and Antarctica occur later this year

February 6, 2021

By far the best belay jacket on the market

I tried many belay parka from many different brands and though really expensive this is by far the best belay parka i ever had. I use this parka mainly when Ice climbing in Canada or sometimes when I work out outside in the winter as a static insulation during my recovery. Featurewise the DAS is perfect. The cut is very long like you would expect ... Read Morefor a belay parka. A lot of so called belay parka are too short. The 2 way zippers can be opened and closed with one hand which is very handy. The cut is generous like you would expect for a belay jacket. I'm 5 11 155lbs and my usual size is just between small and medium in most brand. I usually go for a small for base and mid layer (i wear a small R1 pull over for example) and medium for outerlayer. The medium size is perfect. I can layer without any issue i usually wear an R1 and active mid layer + a ligthweight windshell and harshell and the medium can accomodate all that very nicely. I still have total freedom of movement in my arms. What I really love are the sleeve. For whatever reason the sleeves of climbing jackets in any brands are really narrow. I say that and I don't have big biceps or forarms on the contrary, but the sleeves of the DAS are generous enough so I can get in and out of the jacket with my heavyweight softshell gloves without a problem. With most of my previous belay parka I had to go for a large that was too baggy or a medium but then I had to remove my gloves each time i wanted to put the jacket on or off. It was pretty anoying. The hand warmer pocket are big enoug that i can put my hands in with my gloves or even mitts on. The cuffs are cleverly designed. The elastic cuff have an offset and there is a thumb loop. I hate thumb loop but I actually didn't notice it because it's part of the elastic cuff so it never snagg on anything. It's really nice. So it doesn't really matter if you like or don't like thumb loop, the DAS handle boith cases equally well. Another details that strikes me is the cinging mechanism ofthe hood. It's the usual elastic drawcord that you can pull but there is a button to realise it so it's really easy to untight even with gloves on. I always have problem with the usual system but this one is very functional. The hem can be cinge the same way and there is a kind of snow skirt to seal the parka. The hood is of course helmet compatible but it is still functional without a helmet if you tighten the drawcord. Most jacket with a helmet compatible hood and a single drawcord don't fit well without a helmet but the DAS hood works well even without a helmet. In terms of warmth it's unbeatable for a synthetic jacket that light (542g on my scale). it's really warm. I'm on the cold side and I can use this jacket down to -20 Celsius without a problem. I would even say the warmth to weight ratio is overkill for most users. We are not all pushing the boundaries of extreme alpinism so a cheaper insulation and a slightly higher weight and at a cheaper price would have done the job perfectly fine for the vast majority of users like me. It compress really small and is so light I can put it a small backpack when leading a pitch. My only complaint would be the face fabric. I don't really like pertex quantum pro. It is really noisy. Don't get me wrong it does the job well but IMHO the best 10D ripstop nylon I tried is the Arato 10D. It is really windproof and water resistant and durable and wayless noisy. Besides this minor detail about the noise of the fabric I would definitely recommend this product despite the really high price tag. I expect to use this jacket for many many years.

February 1, 2021

Its ok. Fit might not be for me.

I wear a medium in all Patagonia. And before I start, I will say, I understand what this jacket is meant to be used for which results in the odd fit. A medium in this was massive and a small fit like a smaller-sized medium so I guess I was in between sizes. Kept the small and it works but it feels tight under the arms. All of the pockets except... Read More the two inside drop pockets are TINY. I can barely fit my keys and wallet in the check pocket, let alone a standard size iPhone. The two hand pockets are shallow. I keep my phone in there and it falls out every time I unzip the pocket. Dont understand why they placed the side pockets so close the the front zipper. The pockets are so small that I considered I maybe have been sent a previous model. All that being said, its warm. Very warm. I can even squeeze a down sweater underneath for when my office job requires me to go out into the field and it is a toasty combo. Im satisfied, for the sale price I got it at but it could be a better fit with better features.

February 1, 2021


Just love this jacket,I only use this jacket when it is very cold (it is a furnace) ,insulation as far as I am concerned is better than down. The real advantage compared to down is that it does not loose its efficiency when wet,I got caught in a freezing rain and rain storm and was completely soaked and was was still very warm.

February 1, 2021

The DAS is Legend

I was saddened when the DAS was discontinued for a time and had fears that I would not be able to replace mine when it finally became too tattered with the amount I use it. It is great to know that you have resurrected it - hopefully never to disappear again. I absolutely love the DAS. The dual drop in pockets are perfect for storing climbing skin... Read Mores while Skiing in the BC, keeping the skins moderately warm helps to keep the glue sticky enough to attach to my skis between runs down the mountain. My go to layering system while skiing is a wool t-shirt, with Hoodini for skinning and then the DAS goes on as soon as I reach the top of the run - rip skins, put them in the drop in pockets in the DAS and then ski down the run. Repeat. Using this method I stay dry on the climb and warm on the descent and during my frequent snack and tea breaks. The DAS is an extension of my body out there. Guaranteeing stable comfortable body temperature while out gathering the good tidings of the mountains. This is a dependable, durable piece of gear I hope to always have in my quiver. I will probably get a fresh DAS soon so as to ensure I always have one ready to go. Thanks for building it. And for bringing it back. Huzzah!

January 21, 2021

An Amazing Belay Parka

I was looking for a synthetic belay parka for ice climbing and other winter exploits and the DAS parka is superb. It's warm enough for long frigid belays and can definitely take a beating! It has snagged on my ice tools and axes more than I'd like to admit and there wasn't a single scratch. My only complaint, which is quite minor in ... Read Morethe grand scheme of things, is that it's a bit difficult to put on and take off with gloves on, mainly due to the elastic cuff that also functions as synch cord. Otherwise, I absolutely adore this parka and it has become one of my favorite pieces of gear in my kit!

January 18, 2021

Best parka

I purchased this Parka due to the recommendations at the Patagonia store. I wanted something warm. I live in NYC and needed a warm coat to do field work. This coat fits the bill. I tested it on a 10 degree day with high winds and was warm. Walked 10 miles and at times needed to open the parka due to overheating. If you want the best and warmest lig... Read Moreht Parka then get the DAS Parka, Im planning to purchase the DAS light hoodie too. Just to add to my collection. Thanks Patagonia

January 14, 2021

Super Warm!!!!

I got this jacket because I was tired of my really bulky parka it was too big and heavy and wanted something light for those Chicago chilly days, This parka is it!!! don't even need a sweater underneath! Im thinking of getting the das hoody now!

January 7, 2021


Put it simple, this jacket is superb. Great warmth, really lightweight, very nice materials.

January 6, 2021


Use this as an everyday jacket in the winter. I live in Minnesota and it is perfect for the climate and being active.

December 12, 2020


Purchased for reading great literature under the stars every night from 10pm-Midnight on my deck during the Pandemic :). The fit is great over my burly frame (XXL), 6'3" (295 lbs). Especially nice fit in the shoulders and appreciate the long sleeves (I have a 7' wingspan). Extra length is a plus. Clear, starry, windy nights have been... Read More no problem during extended reads. Hood fits with a hat/headlamp on, with plenty of room in the neck/chin while enabling great peripheral vision of the milky way. The thumb loops are nice for hand coverage holding the book. Much warmer than the Macro Puff (returned it) and better shoulder fit. Will use this for the rest of my life and for all alpine, camping, fly fishing, etc. trips. Shakespeare, Cormac McCarthy, Alex Lowe, Robert Frost and Hemingway would all exhaust superlatives praising the DAS Parka!

December 1, 2020

Warm and Comfy

The jacket is great. I purchased it for a motorcycle camping trip I was planning that went through some higher elevations. I needed something that would pack small for when I was riding and keep me warm when I was off the bike. This is the perfect night time / early morning jacket, the temperatures were in the low 20s, and with a few base layers an... Read Mored this jacket I was able to stay nice and warm. The fit is great for me, I have long arms and the sleeves are the perfect length, not halfway up my forearm when my arms are extended! Its a bit crinkly sounding when you are moving around, but nothing crazing. Anyone looking for a warm lightweight packable jacket should give this a look. Another (big part) part of my decision to pick this up is to support a company that cares about people and the planet! Its great to be able to get a great product and know that its made by people trying to do right.

November 26, 2020

super awesome and warm

i already wrote a review.

November 22, 2020

One Dependable Piece of Gear

I bought my current DAS parka back in the late 1990's. It was on sale, which accounts for the garish purple color. It has been my primary belay jacket/camp parka/chore coat for over 25 years at anything down to about minus 20 or so. I was walking to the grocery store the other day when an elderly couple stopped me. They observed the weather wa... Read Mores particularly bad and asked if I had a safe, warm place to stay that night. When I related this to my wife, she observed that being mistaken for a street person is probably a hint that it is time for a new parka. Really? Other than a dozen duct tape patches and some ground-in oil stains on the wrists, my old DAS parka is in great shape. It might not have quite the sub-sub-zero capability it had when new but then neither do I. It is really your fault. If you didn't make this parka so well, maybe I could buy a parka more often than once very 25 years.

November 7, 2020

Super Awesome and warm

I just received it. It fits like a glove and it seems to be very well made. I bought it to replace a fleece lined poly coat. I know I will thoroughly enjoy wearing it for a long time. I don't plan on wearing it to climb Meru Peak except in my dreams. Please keep making the very best gear!!

October 31, 2020

Purchase this while you can.

Ive been wearing YCs stuff since 1974. Sometimes their best stuff disappears for whatever reason. The Ridgeway Sweater. First edition R 3. Bombachas. Ive had my eye on the DAS parka almost since reading DAS TENT. The new DAS satisfies.

October 28, 2020

Multi use jacket. Great value

This jacket is a multi purpose jacket. Top rated in hiking situations over Portugal and Spain and France, where the shell fabric provided dry and comfortable temperatures. It runs true to size. I like the long design that covers below the hip. The insulation is warm. I used it with base layers and thermal insulation. I appreciate the design with th... Read Moree large pockets and zippers. I have washed it and it keeps a new look. Good looks that I can wear it to work on casual days. Multi use jacket. Great value for the money spent. Strong and well designed. I have the feeling that I will last a long time.

October 28, 2020

Comfortably Warm in even the Coldest of Conditions

DAS Parkas are the warmest outerwear I've ever owned. This replaces my previous one that's taken a ton of abuse, still works great, but wanted a new color. Since I gotten into rowing marathons, I've slimmed down (6'3", 180 lbs); the size length of sleeves, torso are both great, but like much of my clothing, it's pretty... Read More roomy. With the elastic drawstring cord at the hem, it keeps out the drafts wonderfully. I tend to run cold, so this will get use on really cold days skiing, and as a belay parka when climbing. I tend to take long walks and hikes with my spouse throughout the winter, so this Parka will get daily use during the bitter cold months.

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