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Garrett Grove
Our Acknowledgment

We’re learning how to become an antiracist company.

2 min Read
Valley Season

Eliza Earle, Austin Siadak, Drew Smith on the 2019 fall climbing season in Yosemite.

2 min Read
Chasing a Flavor

A yearslong quest to find the right chile.

Patagonia Provisions
3 min Read
Hell Yeah, Your Vote Counts

A reminder of why voting is essential to the protection of our public lands.

Patrick Shea
3 min Read
Indigenous Management Revives and Protects Public Lands

Karen Diver of the Fond du Lac Band on how protecting lands and waters can provide solutions to climate change.

Wudan Yan
8 min Read
Capture a Patagoniac

How we found our photographic style.

Jennifer Ridgeway
7 min Read

The Red Desert in southwest Wyoming is the largest unfenced area in the continental United States. In order to raise awareness about this threatened ecosystem, several Wyoming conservation groups have banded together to organize a trail race that brings runners, local stakeholders, and concerned citizens together to experience this place and see exactly what is at stake.

The Story of Fleece

A tale of tinkering.

Rachel G. Horn
6 min Read
Where the Work Gets Done

Thoughts on activism from a year of filming Public Trust.

Jeremy Hunter Rubingh
17 min Read
Best of Home, Volume 1 – Backbone Trail

Photo editor Kyle Sparks kicks off our new social media series, “Best of Home,” documenting the everyday, out-the-back-door trails that mountain biking depends on.

Kyle Sparks
3 min Read
When Mountains Become Islands

Are public lands still “public” when you can’t access them?

John Larison
8 min Read
All the Hemp That Fits

Patagonia has 73 styles using hemp this season. Cultivation of hemp replenishes vital soil nutrients, prevents erosion and requires no synthetic fertilizer.

Jeff McElroy
4 min Read
One Lap at a Time

An eclectic band of Argentine locals cultivates a grassroots backcountry ski community in one of the world’s most unforgiving mountain ranges.

Matthew Tufts
9 min Read
Stone Locals

Rediscovering the soul of rock climbing.

Primary Source

Alex Megos tells the story of his Bibliographie.

Alex Lowther
9 min Read
Some Boundaries are Worth Preserving

Running through the most-visited wilderness in the continental United States, rallying to its defense.

Alex Falconer
8 min Read
Run the Red

A trail running race in southwest Wyoming brings attention to the importance of protecting the largest unfenced area in the contiguous United States.

Katie Klingsporn
8 min Read
The Environmental Irony of Surfing

Dave Rastovich and Greg Long log in and discuss the current state of surfing, its cultural and ecological impacts, and where it’s headed.

Morgan Williamson
19 min Read
What Comes Down Must Go Up

Melinda Daniels is huddled under the shelter of her purple tent waiting for the rain to start, which only seems odd when you consider the context: she’s in the middle of a farm on a blindingly sunny day.

Johnie Gall
8 min Read
Taking Back Puget Sound

A bold plan to kick net-pen salmon farms out for good.

Dylan Tomine
7 min Read
The Myth of the Great Bike Savior

Outdoor recreation can be a lifeline for rural economies, but the industry has also benefited from the erasure of Indigenous peoples from their lands.

Patrick Lucas
9 min Read
What Are Public Lands Good For?

Our public lands have tremendous value beyond the extractive. Here's a refresh on why they're worth protecting.

Jeff McElroy
4 min Read
It’s All Home Water: The Medicines of Wanderlust

For a closer look at the dangers a toxic sulfur-ore copper mine poses to the more than 1,000,000 acres of backcountry in the Boundary Waters, please see our accompanying film, “A Northern Light,” (below) Encompassing more than 1,000,000 acres along the US-Canada border, the fresh water, wilderness habitat and sustainable jobs of the Boundary Waters…

Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate
3 min Read
Why Wilderness Matters More Than You

BIKE Magazine contributing editor Michael Ferrentino on our perceived right to ride wherever we want.

Michael Ferrentino
6 min Read

What We Fish for When We Fish for Carp

Steve Duda
7 min Read
Coming Home

For three women of color in Wyoming, going into the mountains isn’t about representation—it’s about reclaiming their power, together.

Emilé Zynobia
7 min Read
Down from the Mountains

A French ski patroller’s move to become a permaculture farmer.

Josefine Ås
4 min Read
It’s All Home Water: The People’s River

How Casper reimagined the North Platte.

Dave Zoby
12 min Read
Red Lake, Green Future

The case for Indigenous-led land management.

Nick Martin
10 min Read
30 by 30: A Bold Vision to Save the Natural World

“One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, ‘What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?’” —Rachel Carson.

Senator Tom Udall
5 min Read
Bound for Dory

A colorful tradition of building and running Grand Canyon dory boats is passed to the next generation.

Jeff McElroy
9 min Read
Amidst the Mustard

Battling invasive species through better trailbuilding.

Dillon Osleger
5 min Read
The Guide of the Marshes

Returning endangered species to the wetlands of Argentina is good for humans, too.

Beth Wald
3 min Read
Road Trip to an Unfamiliar Place

A climber takes a road trip to Bishop and Las Vegas, and breaks down the narrative of who travels and who climbs.

Brittany Leavitt
23 min Read
Into the Deep End

Meet Annie Reickert, the 18-year-old Maui charger Paige Alms is mentoring in the Jaws lineup and beyond.

Matt Skenazy
4 min Read
Working Through It

Some farmers, anglers and chefs are providing food for their communities during the time of COVID-19.

Jeff McElroy
11 min Read
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