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Eric Bissell
Unbroken Ground

Revolutions start from the bottom

What Comes Down Must Go Up

Melinda Daniels is huddled under the shelter of her purple tent waiting for the rain to start, which only seems odd when you consider the context: she’s in the middle of a farm on a blindingly sunny day.

Johnie Gall
8 min Read
A Farm Grows In the Jungle

The path to more fruitful farming.

Birgit Cameron
4 min Read
From the Ground Up

For this climber, good food is activism.

Kate Rutherford
5 min Read
Liberation on the Land

A conversation with Leah Penniman, author of Farming While Black.

Jeff McElroy
6 min Read
A Painful Conversation with Skier and Hot Sauce Maker Carston Oliver

As seen in the November 2019 Journal. For the recipe behind Carston’s Spicy Magic Sauce, scroll to the end of the story. Although my tongue felt as if it might melt, Carston Oliver assured me I was not, in fact, going to die. “That’s just the capsaicin,” he told me, as he calmly ordered some…

Sakeus Bankson
7 min Read
Don’t Till On Me

A soil junkie explains no-till practices for regenerative agriculture.

Andrew O’Reilly
7 min Read
Iceland, Open-Net Fish Farms, and the Final Frontier for Wild Atlantic Salmon

In the last 20 years, the expansion of salmon farming in open-net pens has led to the loss of half the wild salmon population in Norway. On average, 200,000 farmed fish escape from open-net pens and many of them swim up rivers in Norway and breed with wild stocks, contributing to species decline. According to…

Mădălina Preda
9 min Read
Standing Up Against Industrial Fish Farming at a Unique Australian Beachbreak

Standing Up Against Industrial Fish Farming That Would Forever Alter A Unique Australian Beachbreak The day we arrived on King Island we drove out to Martha Lavinia Beach, where we stood in the dunes and watched waves running down the beach—long left-handers breaking so fast they were almost impossible to surf. However, Martha Lavinia wasn’t…

Sean Doherty
6 min Read
What’s a Fish Foodie to Do?

Sustainable Solutions from a Seattle Seafood Chef

Langdon Cook
6 min Read
Why Regenerative Organic Agriculture Is All About Farming Down

The promise of regenerative organic agriculture. “The problem is that we’re all taught to farm up,” David Oien says, leading me into a field of low-growing plants that I will later learn to recognize as lentils. I try to think of what alternative there might be to farming upward. Outward? As I puzzle over this,…

Liz Carlisle
10 min Read
A Blueprint for Cooling the Earth

A conversation with regenerative agriculture pioneer Charles Massy

Brad Wieners
10 min Read
The Garden at the End of the World: Regenerative Agriculture Pioneers in the Chacabuco Valley

If the present status-quo of soil loss, carbon pollution and planetary warming continue, we’re looking at just 60 more harvests before we can no longer grow 95 percent of the food we humans rely upon to live. At the same time, the way to prevent this calamity is at hand: regenerative organic agriculture. This is…

Javier Soler
6 min Read
The Organism that Might Just Save the Planet

When you sit down to write an eye-catching essay about seafood, your first instinct is to go with one of the sleek and sexy creatures that have historically captured the human imagination. Salmon battling 20-knot currents to reach their spawning grounds at the headwaters of the world’s mightiest rivers. Bluefin tuna charging faster than thoroughbred…

Paul Greenberg
5 min Read
The Freedom to Live Off the Land

When I was a kid, the Connecticut River was my Yukon. I spent many days working alongside the river or canoeing its islands and backwaters in search of crabs, snapper, blues, ducks and alewives—amazing silvery fish that brave the depths of the Atlantic to feed and grow and then return to these meandering brooks to…

Mike Wood
7 min Read
Net to Table: Su Salmon Co.

Mike Wood’s last name is a wholly appropriate coincidence of birth. He’s got a fetish for the stuff. When building his off-the-grid log home masterpiece on the banks of Alaska’s Susitna River, he’d range out into the surrounding boreal forest, select each perfect tree, hug it at the chest in solemn ceremony and then gleefully…

Ryan Peterson
3 min Read
Regenerative Organic Certification Unveiled

On Saturday, at Natural Products Expo West, the Regenerative Organic Alliance unveiled our new certification. Here is an excerpt from my speech and make sure to watch our video. In 2012, we started Patagonia Provisions, a food company focused on products sourced in innovative ways that benefit and regenerate the planet. And the more we learn about food,…

Rose Marcario, CEO
3 min Read
Workwear Video Series: Farmer and Agronomist Heather Darby

As the seventh generation of her family to farm the same land, working from sunup to sundown comes naturally to Heather Darby. The fourth profile in our Workwear series takes a look at the perpetual motion required to be both a research agronomist at the University of Vermont and the backbone of a 200-year-old, certified…

1 min Read
The Night They Drove Organic Down

Looking back on the USDA meeting in Jacksonville, I am left with anger, grief and a sense of urgency that we keep moving forward. The meeting of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) was an historical turning point for the National Organic Program (NOP). It was a watershed moment. “All of the organic philosophy is…

Dave Chapman
20 min Read
Timber to Tideline: Hama Hama Oysters

“For us, the tide is the boss,” says Adam James of Hama Hama Oysters, a fifth-generation, family-run shellfish farm on Washington’s Puget Sound. “In late August and September, we’ll be out there on the beach harvesting at 3 or 4 a.m., and when the sun finally comes up you can’t help but pause. It reminds…

Malcolm Johnson
4 min Read
Organic Standards Stem from the Soil

For almost 20 years since the “organic” certification first passed, there has been a debate surrounding growing methods. Some foods are grown in soil, and others are grown hydroponically in large buildings and under lights. There is a reason for both growing methods, but it is important that they be labeled differently. Since the 1920s…

Rose Marcario, CEO
2 min Read
El jardín al fin del mundo

Si el presente status-quo de erosión de suelos, contaminación por carbono y calentamiento planetario continúa, estamos ante tan solo 60 cosechas más antes que podamos dejar de cultivar el 95% de los alimentos de los que dependemos los humanos para vivir.  Al mismo tiempo, la manera de prevenir esta calamidad  está al alcance de la…

Javier Soler
6 min Read
Join Us: The Journey to Regenerative Organic Certification

Working closely with Rodale Institute, Dr. Bronner’s and other key allies, we created Regenerative Organic Certification to establish a new, high bar for regenerative organic agriculture. The certification is the result of a lively and cooperative effort among a coalition of change-makers, brands, farmers, ranchers, nonprofits and scientists, all with a clear goal: to pave…

Rose Marcario, CEO
4 min Read
Welcome to the B Corp Community, Stonyfield!

We’re happy to welcome Stonyfield to the B Corp community. When Patagonia was young we felt kinship mostly with companies in the outdoor industry and our friends who worked there. Two companies we admired in the then unfamiliar territory of food included Ben & Jerry’s and Stonyfield, which grew out of an organic farming school…

Vincent Stanley
4 min Read
Regenerative Organics: Drawing a Line in the Soil

In recent years, we’ve seen a boom in production and sales of organic foods worldwide. The global organic food market is expected to grow by 16 percent between 2015 and 2020, a faster rate than conventionally-grown foods. This seems like good news—but in truth, organic farming makes up just a tiny fraction of the global agriculture…

Rose Marcario, CEO
6 min Read
GreenWave’s 3D Ocean Farming Program

I’d like to introduce Patagonia’s friends and customers to the work of GreenWave, if you don’t already know it. GreenWave and its 3D ocean farming program have received much attention lately from the national press, including The New Yorker, CNN and NPR. Bren Smith, founder and executive director of GreenWave, gave a TED talk that…

Vincent Stanley
4 min Read
Introducing “Unbroken Ground:” A Word from Stephen Jones

Today, we’re pleased to share our latest short film, Unbroken Ground, directed by Chris Malloy (180° South) and presented by Patagonia Provisions. It stems from the belief that our food can and should be a part of the solution to the environmental crisis—grown, harvested and produced in ways that restore our land, water and wildlife.…

Stephen Jones
7 min Read
If GMOs Are Safe, Why Not Label Them?

When Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, began writing about GMOs in the early 2000s, he started by asking a reasonable question: “What does a clothing company know about genetic engineering?” The answer, he said: “Not enough.” And neither does anyone else. In the proliferation of GMOs, Yvon saw a serious threat to wildness and biodiversity.…

Rose Marcario, CEO
3 min Read
Tortilla Español

Here’s a recipe that every dirtbag should learn to make; it’s exotic sounding, yet relatively simple to make from basic, easy-to-find ingredients. Also, since it requires nothing much more than a fry pan, spatula, bowl, and plate, this one can be made in your van or campsite. I first became familiar with the ubiquitous Spanish…

Brittany Griffith
5 min Read
Brittany Griffith’s Recipe for Exploding Freezer Beer Pasta

We leave for Sicily tomorrow and I have to admit that despite new-route potential on 300-meter-tall Mediterranean seaside cliffs, I’m almost as excited to eat and drink wine. I read in the Lonely Planet guide that, “Most Sicilian dishes fall into the category of cucina povera (cooking of the poor), featuring cheap and plentiful ingredients.”…

Brittany Griffith
5 min Read
Brittany Griffith on Climbing, Catering, Community and Quinoa in Algeria

When JT and I were in the desert of Algeria, our Touareg guides, after preparing an elaborate four-course meal for the two of us, would prepare their own and then eat it from a single big bowl. They’d sit on the ground, in a tight little circle, each with their own spoon, sometimes no spoon…

Brittany Griffith
4 min Read
Brittany Griffith’s Recipe for Her Secret-Weapon Spicy Peanut Noodle Thing

“Remember that spicy, peanuty sesame noodle thing you make? We want that again!” requested Sue this past spring. Sue had allowed me to stay in her house in Yosemite West for no less than 37 weeks over the course of a decade, and although it had been a few years since I had cooked for…

Brittany Griffith
6 min Read
Dylan Tomine’s Recap of the 2011 Vancouver Seafood Summit

Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador, Dylan Tomine, brings us today’s post – an update on the current state of the seafood industry as seen from a seat at the 9th Annual Seafood Summit in Vancouver. He attended this year’s Seafood Summit, along with Yvon Chouinard, who provided the gathering’s keynote address. Here are Dylan’s observations from…

Dylan Tomine
3 min Read
Meeting the Ethically-Raised Cows Who Provide Milk to Intelligentsia Coffee

There’s alotta milk in a latte. Fact is, coffee bars in the U.S. serve more milk than they do coffee. So in my quest to understand what all goes into my coffee, I ended up taking in a fair amount about milk. If so much milk is going onto coffee, shouldn’t the quality of the…

4 min Read
Stories From the Gulf: Where Oil and Seafood Mix

This summer, Patagonia teamed up with non-profit environmental and social justice group, Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB), to assist with a project massive in scale and ambition: to track the full impact of the greatest ecological disaster in American history, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of Spring 2010. The impacts of this disaster extend well beyond…

Jim Little
5 min Read
So It Begins (with a Margarita Recipe)

At my margarita deck party here on the Solstice, of which I remember little, Tommy C had told Scotty D that this one obscure crag had three good routes, each a number grade apart. Scotty thinks he might have remembered that they went left to right, easy to hard. Our friend Ammon later told Scotty…

Kelly Cordes
5 min Read
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