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Alaska Needs You

More mining and drilling in America's Arctic will push us away from a livable Earth and further into climate chaos. Right now, you can help protect our climate, local communities and biodiversity by asking our government to stop extraction in three areas under threat in Alaska.

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Earth Is Now Our Only Shareholder

If we have any hope of a thriving planet—much less a business—it is going to take all of us doing what we can with the resources we have. This is what we can do.

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What We Do Video Series

Patagonia  /  Nov 08, 2023  /  2 Min Read  /  Culture, Design

Want to see what goes on behind the scenes at Patagonia?

Ventura Campus photos Brooks Cafe

In this series of videos, five employees share a little bit about what they do and how they see their work as a contribution to the greater work of Patagonia. Collaborating with local farmers to source food for our on-campus cafés, building the Patagonia Archives, and creating gear that can last lifetimes are just a few of the topics we explore. Watch to learn a little bit more about the people who make up this unique place.

Inside the World of Patagonia’s Quality Control Supervisor

Gil Valdez has been around fabric his entire life. As Patagonia’s Quality Program Lead, he’s constantly thinking about how to make gear last even longer. Watch him weave together thoughts on family, quality and being a Patagonia person.

This is a sneak peek of the Patagonia Archives. It’s not open to the public, so this might be your only chance to see the unique place that houses over 11,000 pieces of the coolest stuff from Patagonia’s past. This space, built and run by two longtime Patagonia employees, serves as a launchpad for product innovations and a quiet spot to search for inspiration.

Ever started a job that you thought would be temporary, only to end up staying a whole lot longer? Vincent Stanley intended to work at Patagonia for six months and save enough money to travel around Europe. Fifty years later, he’s still working here, helping pass along, evolve and create the philosophies at the heart of Patagonia.

Food is a big deal. At the cafés on Patagonia campuses, sometimes the lines form out the door—especially when there’s a surprise berry crumble in the afternoon. The cafés are where we talk about the surf, put brussels sprouts on a friend’s plate when they can’t reach the tongs on the opposite side and gobble down a gourmet menu. In this short, Sous Chef Mel Bishop tells us about feeding people at Patagonia, creating things that never last long and working with local farmers who provide fresh ingredients.

Inside Patagonia’s Forge with Nelle Smith

In this behind-the-scenes look at where our gear takes shape, Nelle Smith (the Mother of the Forge) tells us about taking risks, being a sponge and going from working with machines to working with humans.

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